Friday, 26 October 2012

Bob Marley still making money

Thirty one years after his death, the
late Hon. Nesta aka Bob Marley has amassed enough wealth to be ranked No.5 on Forbes list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities for 2012. Marley’s wealth was not made by album sale, but rather through Marley’s Mellow Mood a beverage company and House of Marley (producer of Eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products) to his portfolio. Forbes compiled the ranking by analyzing the dead celebrities' earnings between October 2011-2012 Below is the complete list of highest earning dead celebrities. Elizabeth Taylor $210 million Michael Jackson $145 million Elvis Presley $55 million Charles Schulz $37 million Bob Marley $17 million John Lennon $12 Million Marilyn Monroe $10 Million Albert Einstein, $10 Million Dr Seuss, $9 Million Steve McQueen, $8 Million Bettie Page, $8 Million Richard Rogers, $6 Million George Harrison, $5.5 Million.

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